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Drawing curriculum

The course is based on the Cours de Dessin developed in the 19th century by Charles Bargue which was used by Jean-Leon Gerome to train artists at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris. Beginning Students copy Bargues, advancing from graphite to charcoal. Intermediate Students copy casts in charcoal, advancing to a final drawing on toned paper, heightened with white. Intermediate students also begin drawing from the model.


NYK Academy, copy of Bargue leg     NYK Academy, copy of Bargue horse
Drawing, Step 1. Copy of Bargue images.

NYK Academy, cast drawing in charcoal     NYK Academy, cast drawing in charcoal
Drawing, Step 2. Cast drawing in charcoal.

NYK Academy, cast drawing in charcoal and white chalk
Drawing, Step 3. Cast drawing in charcoal and white chalk.


Painting curriculum

Students who have finished the intermediate level of study have acquired the necessary basic drawing skills to begin painting in oil. At this level, students concentrate on tonal values, and work in an ordered regimen, transitioning from charcoal on toned paper to grisaille, limited palette, and, ultimately, full palette. Advanced students use the limited palette on the figure and portraits, and full palette on still life. At this point, we introduce color studies to teach the basics of color mixing: values, tints and shades, and neutralization; and preparation of canvas and grounds. Students receiving a Painting Diploma will have completed a series of required projects in the following areas:

Cast Painting
Figure Painting
Still Life
Color Course

Upon reiceipt of the Painting Diploma, students are eligible for the Master's Program. They will be given their own studio to complete large still lifes and full length portraits, working under the supervision of the director.


NYK Academy, grisaille painting of cast     Mask of Beethoven - Tim Buch
Torso of Goddess Isis - Cynthia Zinser
Cast Painting. Grisaille painting of cast.

NYK Academy, figure painting (grisaille)
Figure Painting in Grisaille.

Tram - Tim Buch
Grisaille Portrait.

NYK Academy, monochromatic still life of onion
White Still Life.

Color Course
Color Course.